Imagine the Biggest Thing

In his Pod Save the People podcast on October 3, DeRay McKesson said the following:

"My challenge to you would be to ask the biggest question [...]  Start from the biggest question and work your way backwards.  I say that because this often encourages us to imagine a world without the constraints, which is really freeing in terms of thinking about what solutions look like.  Too often, people start from the smallest question that they have and then they try and build up and that's just a harder way to imagine.  So start from the biggest question.  Start there and let's go."

So this week's idea is to write about a thing that you'd like to see in your own community (any level from your neighborhood up to the country as a whole) without consideration for whether it's realistic.  What is the biggest question you want to ask?  What is the biggest thing you want to see changed?