**Attention tea snobs: I use “tea” in this short blurb in the colloquial sense rather than just to refer to infusions containing Camellia sinensis, and I won’t stop or apologize**

My wife often laughs at my deep love for tea. It is my suggested solution for most problems and my recommended accompaniment to almost any occasion. Are you sick, sad, tired, or not tired enough? Tea can help. In bags or loose leaf, herbal or green or black or whatever, in a mug or a tumbler or a pot… I will happily indulge and offer to stretch it for two. I prefer mine with nothing added (except when making chai), but I would never begrudge another drinking it as they please. Ignore the snobs and purists who lambaste people for their personal preference. However, if their derision gets to you, might I recommend a healing and uplifting cuppa? I’ll throw on the kettle while you grab the cups. After all, it’s always tea time.