Teacher Walkouts

This is my third or fourth attempt at writing something related to teachers striking for better pay. I have decided to format it in this way to avoid spiraling into a lengthy list of complaints about government spending, corporate tax breaks, ineffective education systems, etc.

  1. Strike for better pay; short-term consequences be damned

  2. Increase standards for teachers and work to fix the broken education system

  3. Better pay and higher standards should attract better teachers

  4. Better teachers should lead to students from the US being more competitive in the workplace and academia

  5. Reap the long-term economic and social benefits of a better educated populace

  6. Continually improve the system

Obviously, it is a more nuanced situation than that, and the solution is not nearly so simple. However, in order to make any kind of progress, our country has to agree on a direction in which to move… Therein lies the primary rub.