The Holy Donut

Those who know me would hardly call me a jovial person. I am not the brooding John Snow type or a grumpy stick in the mud, but I am a generally reserved person. Despite this quality, I had a definite bounce in my step on the walk to The Holy Donut in Portland. The sun cast its light across the battered brick of the buildings along my route. A perfectly made cortado gave me a boost toward the simple wooden ring that marks their location on Exchange Street. I moved aside for a group exiting the shop and entered the fragrant nirvana. After I ordered and quickly received the potato-based donut, I took my place at a seat in the window to enjoy it. Dark chocolate and sea salt is their classic flavor, and I was lucky enough to get one that had just been made. As I unfolded the wax paper and took my first bite, the smell of rich dark chocolate filled my nose. The brownie edge crunch that covered parts of the outside hid a warm inside that was simultaneously toothy and seemed to melt away. It was rich but not fatty, sweet but not cloying, and had such an interesting texture that I actually had to pause and think about into what I had just bitten. The Holy Donut took a simple breakfast treat and elevated it to the point where it required and deserved genuine thought. As I floated in ecstasy back to my hotel, I couldn’t think about my plans for the rest of the day. All I could gather were thoughts of the flavor donut I would try next.