Portland in Food

It should say something about the quality of the food in Portland, Maine that a self-avowed seafood lover only got lobster to check off the “lobster in Maine” box. Everything I had, from potato donuts to Hakata-style ramen to duck fat fried Brussels sprouts, was incredible. Okay… I had a $1 piece of pizza that was garbage, but I chose to forget that. Waitstaff everywhere were kind and consciously came to the table only when needed. Menus were varied, local, and insanely reasonably priced. Chefs were so knowledgeable about the sources of their ingredients that accommodating my severe food allergy was not even a matter of effort. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I was in virtual ecstasy. With the quantity, variety, and quality of offerings in the city (from small, new shops to James Beard award winners) it would require effort to eat poorly. Every city and every person should be so lucky.