Project Linus

Grab a blankie, give a blankie...

Before reading another line of this, if you are not familiar with Linus and the rest of the Peanuts crew, look up a picture of Linus with his ever-present security blanket.

Those of us who are writing and commenting on The Imagined Thing are coping with our worries, frustrations, and fears about our families, our country, and our world. After the election, a friend started posting ways she looks for and finds happiness and hope. I have always turned to the therapeutic act of stitching in times of stress. The steady rhythm helps calm my breathing and order my thinking. When I am really angry, I get out my rotary cutter and chop up lots of fabric, mainly for quilt squares or teddy bears for Project Linus.

Project Linus chapters give new, handmade blankets to children in need, in crisis, and in grief. My own chapter in Central Virginia gives blankets to pediatric intensive care units, shelters, social services offices, camps for children of service people posted overseas, children in hospital helicopter transport, children who have suffered abuse. The requests and needs just continue to grow. When other Linus chapters are temporarily wiped out due to natural disasters, we also give far from home, sending quilts to New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, and, more recently, to Houston and Florida. 

I never see the recipients of the quilts and teddy bears I make, but that doesn't dampen my passion for making them. I help give a shred of comfort to children who are in great need of it, and I get all the benefits that stitching and cutting fabric give me.

So write, stitch, garden, teach, make music -- whatever your passion is. Find someone who will benefit from your creative output and bring some healing to yourself and others.

You can find information about how to volunteer and a catalog of local chapters of Project Linus right here.