Pie vs. Cake

It’s all about the crust. Pies have ‘em. Cakes don’t. That’s why cheesecake isn’t really cake; it’s just pie in disguise. Making quality pie crust does have a few absolutes: ice cold water, a good rolling pin, and a little magic. Still, with practice, any fool can do it. Cake requires much more artistry. Even with practice, a cake is a crapshoot. You have to mix the ingredients in just the right order; flour needs sifting; the eggs have to be room temperature; once it’s in the oven, you have to make sure the kids don’t jump around the kitchen or the whole thing might “fall.” There’s just a lot more chemistry involved. Even the weather needs to be right. And then, supposing you do produce something good, you’ve gotta frost the damned thing. Every cake I’ve ever baked has, in the end, looked amateurish because I get impatient with the icing.

So I’m just gonna say this straight up: Pie is better than cake. Cake is persnickety. Pie is simple. Cake is particular. Pie is universal. Cake celebrates. Pie comforts. Cake poses. Pie just is.

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