Gluten Free Vegan Biscuits

We recently had a very traditional thanksgiving together--my husband and I traveled to NYC to enjoy the day with all of our kids. The travel, the family, the warmth were all you could want and expect. It was the menu that was non-traditional.

Over the years, we've had reason to include a number of vegetarian and vegan options to the table, but this was the first time the gluten-free factor was necessary. And it was my first time eating gluten-free biscuits.

Thanksgiving has many wonderful menu traditions from family to family, but the most important tradition is welcome. Whether someone has brought a new diagnosis to the table, or a new friend with a different culture, we make each other welcome by including newcomers and new dishes, being adventuresome, being good sports, and stepping out of traditions and comfort zones. Part of accepting others is graciously accepting the gifts of food they offer. Hey, it's a big world out there, and there is always a new food to try.

By the way, it was all delicious!

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