Yes, you. Even, you. Yes, your father. Yes, your grandfather. Every fucking man in your family and mine too.

Every one of you contributes to and benefits from the patriarchy. The patriarchy that killed the ambitions of the most qualified person to run for president of the United States in memory.  The patriarchy that kills all our ambitions a bit at a time, elevates mediocre white men, and destroys the rest of us. That certainly didn’t start with Hillary, but I’m going to start with her anyway.
Hillary Clinton was covered in the press by a bunch of misogynistic goons. We will never be able to have an election where she was covered fairly because the people who covered her are the very people who have destroyed multiple women’s careers. 

Watching the comeuppance over the last few weeks of Mark Halperin (NBC), Michael Oreskes (NPR), Glenn Thrush (New York Times), and my personal favorite Jordan Chariton (The Young Turks) is delicious.  To watch them all resign or be suspended over sexual harassment allegations is fucking delicious.  And don’t give me any defensive moralistic BS or argue that I shouldn’t celebrate sexual harassment. I’m not celebrating the harassment, I’m celebrating the disinfecting sunlight.

You bros on the left and the right didn’t listen to me when I said that a man who propagated the Seth Rich conspiracy is a raging misogynist, did you?

You bros of ‘rose twitter’ didn’t believe me that crying rigged about a primary, just because the man lost is a symptom of misogyny, did you?

I for one hope Jordan Chariton and his misogynistic cabal burn for what they did to women in general, and to Hillary Clinton in particular. 

So many of the delightful enlightened men of the left repeatedly retweeted emails stolen from her and disseminated by a rapist. They knew full well that Julian Assange was hiding in his broom closet in an embassy running from rape allegations, but did his dirty work on twitter anyway. 
They just didn’t care that he was a fucking rapist.

Now, maybe you are reading this and you didn’t vote for the sexual predator Donald Trump, or you didn’t retweet Podesta’s emails that were stolen by a rapist, or you didn’t state that the primaries were rigged. So, you think you’re innocent. Well, you’re not. #yesallmen.

After the election, Hillary outlined why she lost. She blamed herself, she blamed Russian propaganda, she blamed James Comey, she blamed a misogynist media, and she blamed Bernie. And all the bros lost their minds. Why can’t she take all the blame? Because it's not all her fault. She didn’t lie about any part of it, Bernie didn’t fight as hard for her as she did for Obama, he promised things that were completely unachievable and even he couldn’t explain the details or the math, and he made people believe that she won unfairly. The Russians did interfere. Comey violated the Hatch Act. Yet, her reasons were not good enough for these men. How dare she point to facts, when she should only point to herself.

All of you benefit when worthy women like Hillary Clinton are dragged down and mediocre white men like Donald Trump are promoted. This is a very public display of what happens to talented women when men are given the benefit of the doubt, whereas the worst accusations about women are assumed to be true.

All of you benefit when you compete with mediocre people like yourselves, once you’ve pushed talented women out. 

It benefits all your careers that whole industries are hostile to women. It benefits your careers and your lives that what are considered leadership qualities are traditionally male qualities, whereas when women display those same qualities, we are considered dislikeable.

All of you benefit by pushing us out.

Yes, all of you. Even the nice ones. The liberal ones. The champions of women. The motherfucking allies. The lot of you.