What's on the Democratic Ticket in Virginia?

Virginia elects its Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and entire House of Delegates tomorrow.  The Democratic ticket will do well if they are able to turn out left-leaning voters and convert independents. 

If you were a Tom Perriello voter in the primary campaign and you are considering holding out your vote for the Democratic nominee because of a tough primary campaign then I hope that you would reconsider.  In short, I would urge you to vote for Ralph Northam because Tom Perriello told you to. In a recent tweet, Perriello stated:

He’s absolutely correct because Ralph Northam has articulated plans for each of the issues above (and more which you can see on Northam's website).

This election has real consequences and it starts with who is elected as Governor but that isn't where it ends. You can also elect Justin Fairfax as Lt. Governor and re-elect Mark Herring as Attorney General. Herring has been on the front lines in Virginia politics, especially in the fights for same sex Marriage and common sense gun reform. Failing to elect Herring will result in removing Virginia from the coalition of states trying to protect the Affordable Care Act or DREAMers.

Fairfax will serve as an advocate for the Governor’s agenda and ultimately will be the tie-breaker in the Virginia Senate, where the margins are much closer than the House Of Delegates. The Republicans have a large majority in the House of Delegates but every seat is up for re-election tomorrow. It is crucial that Democrats gain more seats, if not the majority, in the House. A Democratic coalition that can gain a majority in the House of Delegates will be able to achieve more with a Democratic Governor. We are much more likely to influence a Democratic coalition in Richmond when we elect more Democrats. Whatever differences you had with Ralph Northam in the primary pale in comparison to the consequences of leaving the governorship to Ed Gillespie.

Ralph Northam often highlights his career as an Army doctor and a Pediatric Neurologist. His proposals to protect a woman’s right to choose and women’s productive health are supported by his record, including his role in defeating Jill Vogel’s (Republican candidate for Lt. Governor) Invasive Ultrasound bill. His belief that a woman’s healthcare decisions are made between her, her partner, and her provider and not by a group of legislators (most of whom are men) is not only a common sense approach, but it is the most legitimate position in this race considering his opponent would ban abortion entirely.

Failing to elect Ralph Northam would guarantee that Ed Gillespie and Virginia Republicans continue to refuse Medicaid expansion, attempt defunding Planned Parenthood, limit choice, expand access to firearms without protections to citizens, gerrymander the maps after the 2020 census, potentially discriminate against transgender Virginians, and give up Virginia’s progress in alternative energy.

If Virginia is truly for lovers then we should be committed to an inclusive state where the economy works for all Virginians. I urge you to vote for Ralph Northam because he is a Virginian committed to making our Commonwealth a great place to live and work no matter who you are or which part of the state you call home.

Polls are open in Virginia from 6:00am to 7:00pm.  For help finding your polling place, click here.