White Americans Will Betray Their Country in Support of White Supremacy

Yes, I know as you read the title, you want to say, "not all white Americans." This is true. Not all of you. But many of you already have.

Let’s start at the top, with how often people of color like me have their loyalty to America questioned. If we truly loved this country, we would not kneel during the anthem. If we were truly being patriotic, we would never question America and ask her to change. We would never have elected a "Kenyan" for President.  We would never question the military, never ask if we are spending too much or bombing too many or torturing some folks. We would never protest the police officers who routinely shoot at unarmed black people. We would never take down flags and statues that symbolize our second-class citizenship. Our loyalty to America is always questioned.

But let’s look at what white people have demonstrated repeatedly about their loyalty to America, as opposed to their loyalty to each other. The Civil War was maybe the prime example, where half the country decided to secede to protect slavery. Then they also resurrected statues to these traitorous men, and continued to lecture us on patriotism, literally, while worshiping traitors.

That was a long time ago, but let’s turn to today, shall we? A large majority of white people knowingly voted for a deeply compromised man. Yes, maybe some of them didn’t know about his Russian ties, but a large number did know. Mitch McConnell knew and he voted for Trump. Anyone who watched the debates knew, and they voted for him. They picked an overt racist, a person who pledged to them that he would protect white supremacy.

 A majority of whites will betray their country to protect white supremacy, they’ve done it before and they are doing it again. And we, as a society will not question their patriotism, because in this country whiteness is patriotic.

In the wake of the most recent news about the Trump campaign and Russia, Matthew Yglesias‏ of Vox tweeted:

We ought to re-think how we see people who are more allied their racial hierarchy, than to the common good of this country. We ought to question, not the patriotism of people of color, but those of the large number of whites who are complicit in betraying this country to maintain their status.