Please Be White

Please, let the shooter be white.

Americans have gotten used to waking up and discovering that a mass shooting has occurred, so when I woke up to 10,000 alerts from CNN and the NY Times yesterday I could not even pretend to be shocked.

We can’t go through these regular shootings and pretend to be shocked. What’s the point of being shocked when we plan on doing absolutely nothing about these things? We’ll cut mental health programs, further de-regulate guns, and FOX and Breitbart will continue to scare an already paranoid population into further paranoia. No one will fix this issue, because the GOP lacks any morality and Democrats have no power.  I’m not falsely equating these parties.  Where the Democrats have power, we have taken some steps to sensible gun control, but in general we don’t have the levers of power, the GOP do, and they are scared of the NRA.

When a shooting occurs, my first thought is; "let it not be a brown or black person." Let the shooter not be one of ours. I bet you white people don’t think that. They don’t have to.

There is nothing bad that white people can do that sticks to the group. A few genocides, enslavement of black people, lynching of black people, voting for bat shit crazy racists and still on the whole we think of white people as decent and hard working. This luxury, though, is not afforded to the rest of us.

So when a tragedy, albeit a very predictable tragedy like the shooting in Las Vegas, occurs, all I can do is hope that the shooter is not one of us. That he is one of the privileged souls whose actions only reflect on his own psychopathology, and not upon us all.

It must be nice to belong to a group, where you can read such news and not worry about demographics and identity. When you know whether a person of color did it or a fellow white person, it won’t really matter to your life.

It must be nice to be white.