Me Too. Of Course.

The following is from a new contributor.  Due to a fairly prominent government job, she asked that her thoughts be posted anonymously. 

So here's the thing about #metoo.

It's not that it's so hard to admit, not when I don't have to explain the dozens of times or the nature of the instances or what's bad about having someone grope you on a bus or the things you let someone do because you're afraid they'll get violent and you don't think you can escape or when someone uses their professional power against you in some way, like forcing you out of a job because you complained about their questions about your sex life. The stories I could tell, some people wouldn't believe, and this vague sample barely scratches the surface. But that's not the biggest problem.

It's that, like, duh. We are all, already, every day, saying it at once. We have all been saying it at once for years. Everyone who cares, knows. It's powerful the way the way candlelight vigils are powerful, not in its aggregation of stories but in its reduction of them, a tangible, limited portrait of the same old tired story.

I don't say me too because I think it's surprising. I say me too because, obviously. Of course. I'll light the candle because it's better than not. Because it's kind of something. But it's also really fucking frustrating.

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