A World Intended to Break Us

Donald Trump’s presidency is intended to break us, to break our spirits.  And by us I mean mostly people of color and especially women of color. It was no accident that we got him after Obama and while a woman was running on a very inclusive platform. It was no accident that this most racist person was elected and had an energetic base that cheered his every misogynistic and racist comment.

What continues to surprise me and horrify me, is how shitty our white male allies are. The allies who purport to want a more equal and just world. It surprises me how much cover they provide their racist friends and family. Their callousness surprises me.

Immediately after the election, our wonderful white, mostly male, “progressive” allies took great delight in attacking the one person who stood between us and Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton. They didn't care that all the data showed pretty unequivocally that those who prioritized the economy voted for her, and that those who prioritized immigration and terrorism voted for him. They didn't care about the voter suppression efforts in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania that made it impossible for our base to turn out in large numbers. They literally laughed at the stories about Russian interference.

Then they started their attack on identity politics.  We used to call it “civil rights” but now the right and the white left have both converged on that term: identity politics. They took so much personal delight in deriding Clinton and her voters, that one would think they had a problem with women and or minorities.  They said this was not the case; they were just anti-Hillary. But soon after, they started publishing articles about how they don't trust Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Duval Patrick or even Barack Obama.

 And while we are fighting the right because of voter disenfranchisement schemes that most adversely affect black voters, white progressives promote caucuses and open primaries in the Democratic primaries in a deliberate effort to dilute the black vote within the Democratic party.

 These attacks are not meaningless, they are designed to strip us of our power within the Democratic party, they are meant to reinstate white supremacy in all it's forms. They are meant to not just re-establish white power in the GOP but also in the Democratic Party.  These constant attacks both from the right and the left are meant to break us.  If we concede to their wishes, if we get scared of supporting the base of our party, if we prioritize the white left over people of color, we have given them exactly the thing they want.