What's the Point

I built this site to invite contributions.  I've attempted to make that possible for any level of interest or engagement.  There is a library section for simply making anonymous recommendations of books, articles, or interviews.  There is a section for short anonymous thoughts or observations.  There is an invitation to respond to each and every piece of writing posted.  There is a page where prompts will be posted and archived for those looking for ideas.  Finally there are invitations throughout to reach out with any ideas or observations whether they're related to the site’s content or not.

I really want everyone to contribute and participate and talk in whatever capacity makes them comfortable.

Everything submitted will be edited.  In the specific sense – meaning for grammar and typos and things of that nature.  And in the broader sense – read and responded to with ideas for revisions, improvements, and additional questions.  I hope that, rather than being a drawback, that editing will be an encouragement.  Submissions need not be lengthy essays.  They need not be more than a sentence or two.  They can be complete thoughts or just questions.

I want to post, and will shortly be posting, writing by outside contributors.  Some of those people sent lengthy, complete pieces of writing.  Others emailed with their general thoughts and we collaborated to turn them into something complete.  They range from about half a page to almost three.

Please reach out if you have any thoughts or ideas.  Please reach out if you have questions about the how your ideas will be used or about where to start or anything else.

Use the many buttons and contact forms on the site or email contact@theimaginedthing.com … I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you.  We'll see.

IntroductionPeter Amos