I was listening to a podcast today and they mentioned that, in Pennsylvania, 12% of libraries have reported at least one opioid overdose in the last year.  The phenomenon is apparently so common that many city libraries have started stocking naloxone with standard first-aid supplies.

In addition to it being mind-boggling, the hosts, three of whom are former teachers, immediately connected it to the broader tendency of public servants - particular those responsible for education – to be forced into taking on responsibilities that were never part of their job descriptions.

"Just imagine if Congress and our statehouses and mayors and governors and city-councilors acted with the amount of love and care and ingenuity that these librarians are, to say 'y'know, just because it isn't in our job description doesn't mean we aren't going to take care of it.'"

You can listen to the entire podcast right here.  The section on librarians starts at 37:11.