SF Jazz Collective (Jazz Standard 04.13.18)

"So What" is one of those songs that has been beaten so thoroughly into the ground by college improvisation courses that it's hard to remember how cool it really is.  Sean Jones's arrangement of the tune for The San Francisco Jazz Collective immediately knocks the haze of thousands of covers off of the original Miles Davis recording with its aggressively lopsided rhythmic hits, spidery soli lines, and explosive trombone solo. 

On the third of four nights on E 27th St in Manhattan, as Robin Eubanks threw his slide frantically about and filled the room with brass, the last pair of patrons on the wait-list took their seats in the back as fourths stacked on fourths and the bass ostinato gave way to a steady thump.

"We got fucked!"  Said one to the other.

Some people don't appreciate the things they have.