Jazzmeia Horn (Jazz Standard 03.04.18)

I've never been quite sure what to make of scat singing.  I like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan but saying that I'm a fan for that would be like saying that I love pizza because I went to L&B Spumoni Gardens and thought it was grand.  It's not just a top notch example, it's also fundamentally distinct from the typical fare.

Ella and Sarah Vaughan don't use their voices like instruments; their voices are their instruments.  Ella makes up lyrics to songs and Sarah Vaughan pierces dense harmonies with sharp tensions neglected by the pianist.  Jazzmeia Horn uses her voice like an instrument.  Squeals and shakes clearly meant to sound like the rasp of a trumpet.

I actually do like all manner of pizza but I'm pretty sure my interest in scat singing doesn't extend any further than the unique handful.