The Atlantic: On "The Next Populist Revolution"

I am an enormous nerd that sends letters-to-editors. I sent this one a few months ago to The Atlantic. You can read the letter here.

Keep scrolling down for a response from the author of the piece in question, Reihan Salam. For what it’s worth, I take his point. Salam is totally correct in the long term and an argument condemning the Republican Party as an institution to the wilderness among voters of color certainly discounts the fact that, over the course of a hundred years, the Democratic Party of “Redemption” and segregation became the party of civil rights.

Salam has written wonderfully about the possibilities that conservatism (real conservatism) can still supply. His book (with Ross Douthat) The Grand New Party is a prime example. I posed mine as an issue of content and believe his response correct and valuable. In reality, my issue with Salam is more often one of disposition: he’s an optimist. Perhaps I’m more of a cynic.