The other night, my wife and I were preparing to cook dinner.  She mentioned a recipe she had seen recently that involved rosemary.  I mentioned to her that I frequently forget that rosemary is out there and rarely remember until my sister Becca comes over.  I often associate foods with various family members.  Dad is bread.  Mom is cookies (generally, but if I had to choose, probably snickerdoodles).  My oldest sister Kate is beer (she’s a cicerone).  Becca (the middle sibling, with me being the youngest) is probably rosemary.

Rosemary is, in part, a generalization for herbs.  Becca gardens and, though she’s spent a great deal of time with vegetables and cut flowers, I often associate her with herbs.  She keeps herbs on her window sills and brings herbs from her gardens to family gatherings.  I don’t guess there’s any particular reason why I associate her more with rosemary than with basil or oregano, but I do.

On Thanksgiving she brought over mashed potatoes with rosemary.  They were fragrant and tart and delicious.  The next night I bought a bundle of rosemary and used it for everything I cooked that week.

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