November 2018 is Already Here

If you listen to liberal punditry, then you've been hearing for almost a year about how important 2018 is.  Of course this is true.  The purpose – to remind notoriously apathetic left-leaning midterm voters that presidential elections are half or less of the battle - is admirable.  But in many ways, and for those fighting to make sure they have access to our democracy's most basic right, the election started in late November of last year.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has spent most of his tenure in the state using bogus claims of election fraud to justify incredibly restrictive voting laws.  He was appointed the head of Trump's "election integrity" commission in 2016.  The ACLU and other organizations have been attempting to obtain documents from that tenure and transcripts of testimony he gave about his actions in federal court.  The ACLU recently published a summary of what they've gathered from that information.  Among other things, they note that it is likely Kobach and the commission will:

1. Disenfranchise new voters with severe registration restrictions

2. Get rid of laws that protect voters from ID requirements

3. Restrict access to information about their plans by any means – including perjury – they deem necessary.

Of course 2018 is important, but 2018 started ten months ago.  Turning out on November 6, 2018 is incredibly important, but the fight to make sure that everyone who wants to join you can has begun already.

You can donate to the ACLU right here.