The Imagined Magazine

The Imagined Thing is very excited to announce a new project … the first Imagined Magazine! The goal, as with the rest of the site, is to provide a space for writers to share their thoughts with others. The big difference is that writers will be paid for each submission accepted for this new project.

We aim to publish political analysis, essay, criticism, and social commentary by new, old, established, amateur, prolific, or previously unpublished writers. More to the point, those writers will be compensated for their work and, while we can’t pay much, we look forward to helping writers get something back for their time and energy.

This online-only project will publish essays that fit into the four main categories we use for the site’s daily content: Politics, Culture, Criticism, Et Cetera. For now, we’ll publish one piece in each category but we look forward to expanding as time and money allow.

There will be a few more guidelines for submission to this arm of the site, so please take a moment to check those out:

  • We’re aiming to have the first issue live on March 1, 2019 so the deadline for that issue will be February 1. Earlier is still better.

  • 800 to 2,000 words. That length is flexible, but we’re looking for a balance between depth and readable length.

  • Avoid the topical. Since we’ll gather and publish contributions en masse, pieces of political or social commentary should stand up to a somewhat longer time horizon. It doesn’t need to be Animal Farm, but it should be as relevant in a few weeks or months as it is now.

  • Criticism should avoid conventional reviews for essentially the same reason. We’d rather an unusual look at an old book, movie, article, essay, painting, sculpture, video game, comic strip, song, artist, or author than a boilerplate look at something new.

  • The culture category straddles the line between criticism and politics. Examine the social significance of anything that seems socially significant.

  • The et cetera category is for oddballs.

  • All categories can be broadly interpreted and nothing will be rejected because it was submitted under the ‘wrong’ category. Feel free to submit anything with a note that you’re unsure where it should go. All categories welcome personal experience, wild tangents, odd formats, and unconventional takes.

  • Please email submissions as PDFs to with your name, your best guess for the category, and the title in the heading of the document.

  • Please include a short one or two sentence bio in the email and any other introduction or info you’d like us to have. Links to personal sites are welcome.

  • Submit as many times to as many categories as you like.

  • Authors will receive a $35 payment per accepted piece. That’s what we have now and, though your time and energy deserve many multiples of that amount, we hope it will be enough to show our appreciation and keep you writing! Submissions to the blog and daily content will remain uncompensated (they’ll also run more immediately and are much looser on the guidelines). Submit something to the blog right here (or basically anywhere on the site).

  • If your piece is accepted for the magazine, you will be asked to contribute short commentary on your work (or even that of the other contributors). This will be voluntary and optional.

  • We ask for exclusive rights to published pieces for two weeks (fourteen days) after publication. Republishing with attribution is welcome after that time expires.

Thank you! We look forward to reading!