... but hope still lies in the imagined thing.

The Imagined Thing is a community of amateur writers writing about important (and some less important) things. 

The effort to imagine a better world and to describe it are the indispensable first steps toward making change.  The better world we each imagine probably differs from that of others, but it’s hard to know how they differ – and more importantly, how they are similar – until we describe them.

The goal of this site is to engage anyone and everyone who may have something to say about (pretty much) anything.  

For those of you unsure of where to start, we will do our very best to prompt you with ideas.  For those of you unsure of how to push further, others will attempt to push you.  For those of you looking for a place to air your ideas, hopefully this will be that place.  For those of you with questions to pose, we want to help you ask them.  But hope still lies in the imagined thing.  More than anything this is a challenge for you to imagine a thing and describe it.